That Time I Tried to Balayage My Own Hair…

Balayage.  Does anyone pronounce this correctly? I’ve heard bay-a-lage and bally-ah-ge.  Anyway, balayage is all the rage right now and I happen to love the look.  I liked ombré as well but definitely like the gradual grown-out look balayage gives.  After watching tons of balayage tutorials, I decided to take the plunge and try it myself.  How hard could it be, right?  (I can just see my hair stylist cringing right now.  Sorry Falon!)

This was by far my favorite tutorial, by Ashley Brooke:

It was all the things I want a tutorial to be, short, concise, easy to follow, and she wasn’t super annoying.  Here are some thoughts about the tutorial:

*She recommends a test strand.  This is great in theory, but does anyone actually take the time to do this?  I basically used one strand after my whole head was balayaged as my test strand. I would routinely take the color off the end to see what it looked like and reapplied more color to the same strand.

*The actual content begins at about the 2 minute mark.

*The Clarol Frost and Tip worked well for me.  It was easy to use and had durable disposable gloves.

*For those of you with DARK or Asian hair, use a dryer or you will be there for-freaking-ever while waiting for your hair to process.

*She mentions to use a towel over your shoulders so you don’t get color on you. Um, no…you will get color e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e., especially the first time.  The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pads were my friend.  I had color on the walls, mirror, cabinets, floor….it looked like a crime scene. My advice, put an old towel on whatever you don’t want to have to clean up.  Also, if you are planning on doing this more than once, do yourself a favor and go to Sally’s and get a cape.  Wiping it off the cape is infinitely easier than trying to clean a towel.

*At about minute 4:42, the mysterious ADIDAS shoes in the mirror to the left disappear.  This makes me wonder how many takes it took for Ashley to get this balayage right.

*In my experience, it will take some time to get your balayage right so, don’t do this the night before a big meeting. Getting the right strands was the big issue for me.  I separated out the strands that I wanted to balayage before I got started.  It takes a bit more time, but then you don’t have to worry about which strands to pick up with your color laden fingertips.  

And…here you have it, my self-balayaged hair getting “fixed”:

This is definitely a fun thing to try, however in the future, I will enlist a girlfriend to help and make it a girl’s night! Also, I think this would be perfect for some upkeep on your existing balayage, instead of starting from scratch. You wouldn’t have to find the perfect strands to color, but could use the lighter strands as your guide.

I hope this helps as you experiment with your look!



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