Junk In The Trunk! Everything You Need In Your Vehicle Emergency Tote; You Won’t Believe What’s In Here

Believe it or not, we officially no longer have to carry a diaper bag in this family; everyone is potty trained {insert praise hands!}   Although the diaper bag brought a lot of stress at times (frantically making sure it was packed every time we walked out the door) it did save us from several emergency type situations.  Now that we don’t have a diaper bag to rely on, I’ve resorted to an emergency tote I keep with me at all times.  This tote is basically a diaper bag on steroids.  As many of you know, i’m a planner and analyzer.  I like to be prepared for whatever life throws at us, and this tote certainly makes life on the go a little easier.  For a busy family of 4, this has been a life saver.  Below are some of the items you’ll find in our emergency tote.


The ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ tote!  Never leave home without it.


This is what we so lovingly refer to as our “kid leash.”  Ya know, it’s one of those toddler backpacks that are secretly just puppy leashes that are legal to put on children.  Yeah, with baby # 1, I swore to never use one of these.  Absolutely, no way.  NEVER.  Baby #2, I was like ‘sign me up.’  Keeping up with two busy babes, in crowded public places, is nerve wrecking and this contraption makes life so much easier.  I don’t even care if you’re judging me right now, that’s how much I love this!   And, even better, my toddler thinks this is the best thing since sliced bread.  {She’s a weirdo, but we love her!}


Kids play clothes – make sure to ALWAYS keep a change of play clothes with you.  Generally, our kids are in decent clothes if we’re going somewhere.  So it’s best to always keep play clothes on hand.  So.many.times our plans have changed throughout the day and the kids end up doing something super fun, but insanely messy.  If they’re wearing nice clothes, it stresses out the parents and inhibits their fun.  By keeping play clothes on hand they can just hop in the hatch, change real quick and enjoy some messy outdoor play!  This makes both the parents and kids happy.


Kids Pajamas – We ALWAYS keep extra pajamas on hand.  Not only do our kids just really love their pj’s, but this makes impromptu sleepovers so much easier.  If they decide they want to stay at grandma’s, a friends house, or basically just any where to give you a break, this makes a last minute sleepover doable.  It’s like always having a bag packed.  Total life-hack right here, y’all!


Jackets – You just never know when the weather is going to change abruptly.  Keeping a light jacket on hand is always a good idea.  During the winter months, I keep extra jackets for all of us in the tote.


Baby Wipes – No explanation necessary.  These things are life.  You can clean up anything with a wipe.  Literally, anything.  I’m pretty sure you could clean up an oil spill with these babies.  I’ll be carrying wipes even after my kids graduate from college.


Although we’re out of the diaper stage, I always keep diapers/pull-ups on hand.  So many times we’ve hand friends who needed an emergency diaper and we’ve been able to pull one out of our tote.  Momma friends, we’ve got you covered!


Sippy Cups, because no one has time for spills in the car!  I don’t even need to explain this one.  Sippy’s are like the most genius invention ever.


Bibs/burp clothes – another thing that we’ve mostly outgrown, but still good to keep on hand just in case you run into a messy situation!  Kind of like that time our toddler projectile vomited all over the car when we were driving home from vacation.  {Insert frantic emoji here.} #JustSellTheCarAndStartOver


We keep extra blankets on hand.  These particularly come in  handy when you’re driving home late at night or if you have a long drive ahead of you.  These are often used as a comfort item and, of course, for warmth too.  In the winter months, I keep a few larger/warmer blankets on hand as well; just in case the car breaks down, we would be able to stay warm until help arrived!  {Like I told you, I plan for everything!  I’m like a girl scout, always prepared.}


I mean, who doesn’t need a paw patrol potty seat?!  Let’s face it, gas station restrooms are gross!  The thought of sitting my toddler on one of those toilets literally makes me gag.  So, we BYOP (bring your own potty!)  When Kailyn was small, she had a princess potty seat and she literally wore it like a purse everywhere we went!  {We’re super fancy, y’all!}


While we’re on the subject of potties, I highly suggest having a potty on the go when you’re first potty training!  This potty has literally saved our lives several times.  Sometimes kids just.can’t.wait.  And sometimes they’re just more comfortable in privacy.  And, that’s ok!  My kids have pottied “in the hatch” many times.  In fact, they think it’s super cool.  Once again, weirdo’s.  But, whatever works!


Swimsuits for summer are a must!  So many times we end up somewhere that water games/swimming is involved.  There is literally nothing that makes a kid more sad than being somewhere with a pool and not being able to swim.  If you want to win mom of the year, always keep extra swimsuits on hand!  Keep dad’s trunks around too.  Those kids need supervision!  And, oddly enough, my suit never seems to make it to the tote?!  Strange.


I’d love to hear if you other momma’s keep a similar tote in your car?!  What’s in yours?  Am I forgetting something?!  Surely I’m not the only helicopter mom that does this!  We would love to hear your feedback.  I hope this was helpful!





4 thoughts to “Junk In The Trunk! Everything You Need In Your Vehicle Emergency Tote; You Won’t Believe What’s In Here”

  1. I second everything that you listed above but also in my constant in the car mom tote is bug spray, sunscreen, a medicine bag with the essentials and I also keep extra shoes in the car too.

    1. Yes!! You’re so right! I do sunscreen and bug spray in the summer as well. I’d just forgotten to restock this year. Thank you!! 😘 We usually keep rain (mud) boots too or flip flops! Thanks for the memory jog.

  2. Good tips! I’m definitely adding extra coats/jackets to my car. I’ve ended up really needing those so many times when I didn’t realize how chilly it was when we left the house.

    Bottled water is another one. My kids always decide that they are DYING of thirst when we get to the car. They don’t even care that the water is warm, bordering on hot in the warmer months 😛

    Plastic bags (like from the grocery). I’ve needed these a million times for dirty clothes, muddy shoes, trash, etc.

    Sunscreen & bug spray. I usually stick that in my purse though because I’m not sure of the efficacy after it sits in a hot car.

    1. All great suggestions! Thank you! During the cooler months I keep water and snacks in my car as well. When it’s warmer, I tend not to because melted food is gross. 😷 But I’m with you, my kids feel like they’re dying of thirst/starvation all the time too! 😂

      During the cooler months I also usually keep coloring books/crayons/stickers too in case we get stuck somewhere and need entertainment. But be careful, crayons melt easily in the car! 🙈

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