Who’s the Better Half?

Relationships. While all of them are fun, challenging, confusing, and make our lives better, there is one that is more so than the rest – the husband/wife relationship.  This is the one that we have to work at the most, for better or for worse.  On top of all of that, this relationship morphs through different stages of life: newlyweds/merging lives, kids/no sleep, new jobs/traveling, retirement/reacquainting, etc.

Jill and I recruited the husbands, Caleb and John, to put our relationships to the test! After a combined almost 15 years of marriage and four kids, we thought it was about time to figure out how much we really know about our spouses. See how we did!

We are all about keeping those marriage relationships strong and laughter is a big part of that! Use some of these questions and see how well you and your spouse know each other and let us know how you did!! This is the first of our two-part relationship series.  Stay tuned for more!



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