Pout It Out – My Favorite Lipstick this Summer

Full disclosure: I am not much of a lipstick girl. I generally only use lip balm or gloss. HOWEVER, that’s before I found the perfect lipstick.  While browsing the MAC counter at the mall, the fabulous makeup artist suggested that I try a natural colored matte lipstick, in addition to the foundation, blush and brow filler (spoiler alert: it’s actually eye shadow!) I had already picked up.  I took the plunge and got the lipstick (in Honeylove – Matte) along with this gloss (in Spite, when I want to take it up a notch). It has been a few weeks and I can say that I LOVE it!!




Not only does it moisturize my lips throughout the day, it also makes me feel a little more “put together”.  Matte lipstick is a good way to ease into daily lipstick wearing or stay current with the latest in lip trends.



I’m wearing the matte lipstick only in this pic.  No filter here (*gasp*), so you can see the true color.

Whether you are a lipstick newbie, veteran, or a mom that just wants to feel a little more put together, you’ll have the perfect pout with this product! Try it out, see what you think and let us know!



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