Rookie Soccer Mom Gets Schooled By Veteran Soccer Mom


As much as we hate it, summer is practically over.  The kids are back in school and soccer season is in full swing.  This year, Jill gets to introduce Lauren to the ‘cult’ of being a soccer mom (we’ll sign her up for her mini van any day now).  Lauren is over-the-moon excited for her pre-schooler to start his very first team sport.  While Jill, a seasoned team-sport momma, that runs on dry shampoo and caffeine, is here to give Lauren the low-down on what to actually expect this soccer season (sometimes expectations are much different than reality). We hope you enjoy Jill dropping some serious truth bombs on the “rookie mom” Lauren.



Postmortem from the “rookie mom”: I may or may not have PTSD after my first 3 year old soccer game experience. Did anyone else feel like their child was possessed during the game and then went back to their normal, happy selves after it was over?? I completely feel your pain when seeing your child FLIP OUT when another kid kicked the ball away from them, (how DARE they steal the ball). Also, just the amount of convincing it probably took for you to get your kid out on the field, for whatever amount of time, should earn you a gold medal. Whatever the case, you all deserve a Venti coffee with an extra shot of espresso, after all of your efforts on Saturday morning.

Whether you are a veteran or rookie soccer mom, we’re willing to bet that you all can relate to this one.  Grab a cup of joe, sit back, relax and laugh with us.

Happy Monday!


Jill & Lauren

Seven Types Of People You Will Encounter On Facebook

Facebook has evolved so much over the years.  I remember back in the day when a college email address was required to even sign up for Facebook.  Now literally everyone has Facebook, and let’s just admit it, some people can be so annoying.  Here are seven types of people you’ll encounter on Facebook, on the daily.



The Drama Queen:  This person is always extremely over dramatic, telling all of their most personal information online.  They treat Facebook like it’s their journal and love to stir the pot any chance they can.  This person will divulge every.single.detail regarding their marriage, personal life and any type of work drama.  They also love to constantly make references to their ex and past relationships.  If they know it, it’s going on Facebook!


The Political Debater:  This person feels like it’s their mission in life to constantly spew political tirades online.   Their posts are filled with hate and rage and they have zero ability to empathize with anyone who has a differing opinion.  These people are so totally consumed with politics that I’m pretty sure they’ve forgotten how to enjoy their own lives.


The Cliff Hanger Suspense: This one especially gets on my nerves.  These are the types of people that leave a very vague attention seeking status, leading you to believe something is terribly wrong.  Then when someone leaves a comment inquiring about the situation, the original poster responds with “personal message me for details please.”  Ummm….if this was a private matter, why did you just make it your public status?  Shut the front door!


Cougar With The Duck Lips:  Really, there’s no description necessary for this one; the title says it all.  We all know her, quite well, due to the obscene amount of duck-lipped selfies that she posts.  If she goes more than 15 hours without posting a selfie, we all begin to worry about her well being.


The Over Aggressive Direct Salesman:  We’ve all encountered this one.  Let’s just all agree that anytime someone personal messages you, when you haven’t talked to them in 10 years, and the message starts out with “Hey, Girl!”  It’s time to run because she’s selling something and she won’t take no for an answer.


Mamaw New To Social Media:  This is probably my favorite one.  I love to watch people my grandma’s age learn to navigate social media.  Watching them share and like their own statuses and comment on the Days Of Our Lives fan page is my absolute favorite.  Life goals right here, y’all!  {Sidenote: this one is very similar to me when I was learning how to use SnapChat.  I felt like a total geriatric, not even kidding!}


The Oversharing Momma:  Let’s just put a big ‘ole picture of me right here.  {Raises hand slowly and looks around.}  Just to be fair, I realize I’m just as annoying as everyone else in Facebook land.


I hope these brought a smile to your face and laugh to your heart on this Monday!  Cheers to a good week, my friends.




The Bully Teacher That Is Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare


Any time the word ‘teacher’ is mentioned in conversation, everyone in the room suddenly has very strong feelings.   In fact, people are as passionate about teachers as they are about politics.  Love ’em or hate ’em, everyone has an opinion; and more often than not, people are usually very vocal with their emotions.

Let me start by saying that we’ve had some INCREDIBLE teachers over the years.  We’ve experienced the best-of-the-best, but unfortunately we’ve also experienced the worst-of-the-worst.  There are people in this world that were literally put on this earth to teach.  They put their heart and soul into teaching and it shows every day in their students.  Those teachers are priceless.  Most of us couldn’t do what they do, day in and day out, and keep our zest for life.  Teachers are not just teachers, they wear so many hats.  They’re counselors, nurses, beauticians, managers, janitors, mediators, and pros at crowd control.  There’s no doubt about it, they have their hands full.  And I will never take a good teacher for granted, ever again.

But then there is the flip side: the side that most people want to ignore, or sugarcoat, and pretend like it isn’t an issue.  But i’m just going to come out and say it {or yell it from the mountaintop} there are A LOT of people who are teachers that should have never become a teacher.  There are teachers who abuse their powers.  There are teachers who are rude, bitter and childish.  There are teachers who are clinically, mentally ill.  And there are teachers who are BULLIES!  Teachers who live out a real live scene from ‘Mean Girls’, bullying innocent children on the daily.

Unfortunately, as a family, we’ve experienced these teachers over the years.  We experienced a teacher who just wouldn’t show up for work, for weeks at a time.  My husband would go to drop our daughter off for first grade and her teacher would be a no-show.  The door was locked, the room was dark, and the tiny naïve first graders would be lined up down the hall with nowhere to go.  They didn’t understand, and for a while we didn’t either, until we finally found out that our teacher was now a patient at a psychiatric facility.  The same teacher who was in charge of my precious baby was completely mentally unstable.  As time went on, we learned more and more from our girl.  We learned of the hurtful words and phrases that this teacher had spewed at the children.  We learned how this teacher had been so negative and so cruel that she had crushed my daughters self esteem.  We learned how this teacher would pull the blinds down on the door and turn the tv on all day, rather than teaching.   And most importantly, we eventually discovered that my daughter had learned virtually nothing during her 1st grade year: one of the most critical learning years in early education.

We’ve also experienced a teacher who was the worst bully that I’ve ever encountered in my lifetime.  She taught her daughter, who was also in the same elementary school, to rigorously pick on my child in a malicious way.  She coached her daughter to lie and fabricate stories.  This teacher and her daughter were constantly spreading false rumors about my child, all the while she was trying to sabotage my child’s relationship with other children at the school.  She constantly metaled in my child’s school life and she coerced and convinced other teachers to not like my child, because her and her daughter simply ‘had it out’ for my little girl.  The stories I could tell you are straight out of a lifetime movie, I’m not even kidding.  And, once again, this behavior was coming from a teacher who was supposed to be in charge of my child’s well being.

My biggest regret as a parent is that I set back and let these things happen to my child.  I made small complaints, but those weren’t enough.  Those calm, mild manner complaints were repeatedly overlooked and swept under the rug.  I look back on that time in our lives and I think “how did I let that happen?”  Why did I not march into that school and scream, throw fits, and turn shit over in the principals office until someone paid attention to me?!  Why was I so nice when those teachers were clearly liable of malpractice.  Why didn’t I do more?  Sometimes the guilt I feel is overwhelming.  I spent both of those years constantly trying to be the peace keeper, but I will never ever do that again.  If I have to fly my crazy flag I will do it proudly.  I’ll go down in a blaze of glory!

The moral of the story is, if you feel that your child is being mistreated at school, you are their only voice.  And you better use a megaphone to get your point across.  If something is seriously wrong, and you feel it in your gut, then don’t be calm like I was – calm doesn’t catch anyone’s attention.  Be bold, be brave and be your child’s advocate because no one else will be.

After all of the stress and drama that my daughter had encountered, we noticed that it was taking a toll on her physically and mentally.  We witnessed the joy drain from her eyes and we saw a sadness taking over her body.  She was mentally and phsycially exhausted.  Her confidence was nonexistent and she felt totally defeated.  It was at that moment that we said, “NO MORE!”  We moved to a new school district and it was THE BEST decision we’ve ever made in life.  Her 4th Grade teacher was absolutely amazing.  She totally reprogrammed my child to love school again.  She was an angel sent from God and i’m forever grateful.  I’m in no way trying to vilify teachers, that isn’t what this is about.  My point is, there are wonderful people and wonderful teachers in this world.  But, unfortunately, shitty people become teachers too.  Don’t always assume that just because someone is a teacher that they’re an amazing person.  Keep your momma senses on high alert at all times.

Just keepin’ it real.  Much love – XOXO-



Don’t Miss Out Before the Summer is Over!!

The first day of school is fast approaching for some of you and for others it’s still weeks away. Either way, grab your family and make the most of the rest of the summer with these ideas!




  • Neighborhood bike rides – Self-admittedly, I don’t have a bike. My son is just to the age where he’s psyched to take “bike rides” (which consist of going round and round in the driveway). I borrowed my dad’s bike and “rode” around with my son. He LOVED it (especially when I crashed into the grass). Remember those fun family bike rides? Get out there with your kids and spend some quality time.


  • Pool/Splash Park day – Lather up the kids with sunscreen and park your blanket in the shade. Here’s the blanket I found this summer and love.


  • Baseball game – Make a weekend of it! You’ll see pictured above my group of friends (minus a couple of new additions) at our annual family baseball outing. We’ll catch a game on a Saturday and spend Sunday at a museum or aquarium. We love it and I bet you will too – so grab your family friends and get out there and support your team. Don’t skip the hot dogs and ice-cream in the mini-helmet.


  • Dinner and a Movie – For those of you with younger kids, a matinee and early dinner might work better. Pick a fun restaurant that your kids like and settle in to chat about their favorite parts of the movie. If they are tired/restless, download a new app for them to play while YOU enjoy dinner. 🙂


  • Hike in the local or state park – If you can get away for a weekend, find a state park and book a cabin. Take in those natural wonders and let your kids experience something new. If you need to stay local, lace up, get your bug spray and get those kids out in nature. I’m not a big hiker, but I don’t want to raise a Purell-dipped kid (even though I love my hand sanitizer), so I get out of my comfort zone every so often for the sake of raising a well-rounded kid (did anyone else watch that video on Facebook?).


  • Cook out – Fire up that grill and add some hotdogs, hamburgers or chicken. Get your kids involved in the prep. While you are grilling, set up those corn hole boards, volleyball/badminton net or soccer goals and challenge your kids to a game or two (and keep score – see video above).


Do you see a pattern of food here?? Ha. In all seriousness, another summer is almost over and those littles are growing up. Does anyone else feel like the years are going by faster and faster? I’m learning that we need to get in as much memory making as we can, because those eighteen years go by fast.

Happy Family Fun!!