Seven Types Of People You Will Encounter On Facebook

Facebook has evolved so much over the years.  I remember back in the day when a college email address was required to even sign up for Facebook.  Now literally everyone has Facebook, and let’s just admit it, some people can be so annoying.  Here are seven types of people you’ll encounter on Facebook, on the daily.



The Drama Queen:  This person is always extremely over dramatic, telling all of their most personal information online.  They treat Facebook like it’s their journal and love to stir the pot any chance they can.  This person will divulge every.single.detail regarding their marriage, personal life and any type of work drama.  They also love to constantly make references to their ex and past relationships.  If they know it, it’s going on Facebook!


The Political Debater:  This person feels like it’s their mission in life to constantly spew political tirades online.   Their posts are filled with hate and rage and they have zero ability to empathize with anyone who has a differing opinion.  These people are so totally consumed with politics that I’m pretty sure they’ve forgotten how to enjoy their own lives.


The Cliff Hanger Suspense: This one especially gets on my nerves.  These are the types of people that leave a very vague attention seeking status, leading you to believe something is terribly wrong.  Then when someone leaves a comment inquiring about the situation, the original poster responds with “personal message me for details please.”  Ummm….if this was a private matter, why did you just make it your public status?  Shut the front door!


Cougar With The Duck Lips:  Really, there’s no description necessary for this one; the title says it all.  We all know her, quite well, due to the obscene amount of duck-lipped selfies that she posts.  If she goes more than 15 hours without posting a selfie, we all begin to worry about her well being.


The Over Aggressive Direct Salesman:  We’ve all encountered this one.  Let’s just all agree that anytime someone personal messages you, when you haven’t talked to them in 10 years, and the message starts out with “Hey, Girl!”  It’s time to run because she’s selling something and she won’t take no for an answer.


Mamaw New To Social Media:  This is probably my favorite one.  I love to watch people my grandma’s age learn to navigate social media.  Watching them share and like their own statuses and comment on the Days Of Our Lives fan page is my absolute favorite.  Life goals right here, y’all!  {Sidenote: this one is very similar to me when I was learning how to use SnapChat.  I felt like a total geriatric, not even kidding!}


The Oversharing Momma:  Let’s just put a big ‘ole picture of me right here.  {Raises hand slowly and looks around.}  Just to be fair, I realize I’m just as annoying as everyone else in Facebook land.


I hope these brought a smile to your face and laugh to your heart on this Monday!  Cheers to a good week, my friends.




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