Rookie Soccer Mom Gets Schooled By Veteran Soccer Mom


As much as we hate it, summer is practically over.  The kids are back in school and soccer season is in full swing.  This year, Jill gets to introduce Lauren to the ‘cult’ of being a soccer mom (we’ll sign her up for her mini van any day now).  Lauren is over-the-moon excited for her pre-schooler to start his very first team sport.  While Jill, a seasoned team-sport momma, that runs on dry shampoo and caffeine, is here to give Lauren the low-down on what to actually expect this soccer season (sometimes expectations are much different than reality). We hope you enjoy Jill dropping some serious truth bombs on the “rookie mom” Lauren.



Postmortem from the “rookie mom”: I may or may not have PTSD after my first 3 year old soccer game experience. Did anyone else feel like their child was possessed during the game and then went back to their normal, happy selves after it was over?? I completely feel your pain when seeing your child FLIP OUT when another kid kicked the ball away from them, (how DARE they steal the ball). Also, just the amount of convincing it probably took for you to get your kid out on the field, for whatever amount of time, should earn you a gold medal. Whatever the case, you all deserve a Venti coffee with an extra shot of espresso, after all of your efforts on Saturday morning.

Whether you are a veteran or rookie soccer mom, we’re willing to bet that you all can relate to this one.  Grab a cup of joe, sit back, relax and laugh with us.

Happy Monday!


Jill & Lauren

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