That Time We Almost Dined and Dashed

We had the funniest experience today and have to tell you about it…

It was a typical Monday: I dragged myself out of bed, the kids barely got to school on time, I had a meeting with the boss and planned the rest of the week.  I started feeling hungry, so I texted Jill about lunch. She is in the midst of some serious life moments (new house!!) and informed me that she forgot her wallet, lipstick and powder, so she was going to go home at lunch to get it.  I convinced her that I would spot her some dough and that  we needed to get some Chinese food. She agreed.



We both get to the restaurant late (of course).  It was surprisingly busy but we got a table and had a delish lunch! We caught up and laughed the whole time. We got our bill and I started fishing around my purse for my wallet. I have a giant bag, so I wasn’t worried at first, then panic started setting in. I DIDN’T HAVE MY WALLET!

So there we were, two moms, two bills, and no wallets. We started digging in our purses and found that we both had our checkbooks! Did they take checks? NOPE! At this point Jill was about to SOS her hubby to bail us out.

More digging… Finally, I found an envelope full of $1’s that I was saving for tips for our upcoming Disney Cruise. I started counting it out and O.M.G. we had enough to cover the bill and leave a $2 tip!



I was TOTALLY embarrassed to leave all these $1’s. What is this waiter going to think we do for a living?!? Jill tried to explain the situation to the waiter, but we just died laughing.  She then told him to “keep the change” (all $2 of it…ha).

You can’t make this stuff up. This is real life you guys. While dining and dashing crossed our minds, we love that restaurant too much and if we did, would never be able to show our faces again.

Here’s hoping for a less eventful Tuesday!



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