5 Tips to Avoid #SelfieFail

Who doesn’t love a selfie?! This has become one of the easiest and most fun ways to document our lives. However, not all selfies are created equal.  If you are like me, you scroll through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and think, how does that person take such good selfies?! It’s not fair! Well, here to tell you how to up your selfie game is our friend, Tanner Shepherd.  This pre-vet college student has both brains and selfie swag. He has provided us with the following five tricks of the trade:


1. Go outside or find a window with some nice, natural lighting and face it.



2. Open your eyes!  If you feel like you’re being fake, you are doing it right.



3. Get some background music! A little Rihanna never hurt anybody.



4. Snap a ton of pics! You never know when that accidental candid will capture the perfect moment.



5. Be nice to yourself.  If the pics don’t turn out, I promise, it’s just bad lighting – not you!



He also notes that he and his friends’ selfie sessions would be nothing without these go-to items:

  • A new outfit that made my credit card break up with me 
  • A light up cell phone case: LuMee Case for iPhone 6  or iPhone 7 (Thanks Kourtney K) 
  • Chi Enviro 54 hairspray to resuscitate my hair from whatever the day did to it 
  • My go-to Inkwell Instagram filter when my skin isn’t cooperating
  • A full length mirror to show the whole outfit

We hope this advice entertained you as much as it did us! Thanks Tanner!

Happy selfie-ing!



Jill & Lauren


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Face Time – Charcoal Mask Review

Let’s face it. We’re officially 30-somethings (or close to it). The days of having flawless, perfect skin, with little to no upkeep, are coming to an end and will soon be something we only see in the rear view. As much as we hate it, it’s time to start thinking about Retinol, lifting and anti-wrinkle eye creams and night serums. All of the sleepless nights with our babies and the countless laughs we’ve shared are starting to show like tiny little road maps on our faces. Each laugh line has a story and we wouldn’t trade those moments for anything in the world; but we WILL vainly start to use every available beauty product that we can find to keep our skin looking youthful! To keep up with the latest trend, we decided to give charcoal face masks a try. Let us tell you, if nothing else, we certainly had fun! Below are some of our thoughts regarding the process:

Lauren: We used the ULTA Smoothing Apricot Pre-Mask Prepping Face Scrub

Amazon – Apricot Pre-Mask Prepping Scrub  /Apricot Pre-Mask Prepping Scrub (2nd retailer option)

This Face Scrub was awesome. Not only did it smell good, (not too fragrant) but the beads really helped exfoliate my skin, took off that dead layer and got us ready to go forward with our masks. I would definitely recommend some type of pre-mask exfoliant.

Jill: I used the “Yes to Tomatoes” Clear Skin, detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask:

Yes to Tomatoes – Charcoal Face Mask / Yes to Tomatoes – Charcoal Face Mask (option 2)

The application process was very easy. The mask I used was in one piece and easily unfolded from the package. It was VERY slimy, wet and cold. It felt like seaweed. It was very slippery and slid all over my face when I first applied it. At first it was hard to get the mask to stay in place, but after a minute or two it started to dry out and formed to my face.

Lauren: I used the Boscia Charcoal Pore-Minimizing Hydrogel Mask:

Boscia Charcoal Face Mask / Boscia Charcoal Face Mask (2)

The application was not super easy. This mask requires a buddy. It continued to slide around on my face after the application, so I was constantly adjusting it. I would recommend lying down for the 20 or so minutes you have it on. Definitely try this mask when the kids are at school, nap time or when they go to bed.

Jill: My mask did NOT harden, but my face did tingle during application. It wasn’t painful, but there was definitely a tingling/numbing sensation.

Lauren: My mask did not harden either. While the mask was on, my skin felt tingly but comfortable. As you can see, the top part of the mask was a little bigger than my face and kept flopping down. You may want to trim that if you have the same issue I did.  One size does not fit all!


Jill: Removal was super easy. It just peeled right off. No pain at all!  My face did immediately feel hydrated and my skin felt more firm.

Lauren: Removal entailed a simple peel off. Some of the gel was still on my face after I removed the mask, but as the directions suggested, I massaged it into my face and neck. I think that’s a key part that is often missed. Get all those firming benefits my friend!

Jill: I noticed some minor sensitivity after using the face mask. There were no breakouts or redness. But every time I worked out, for a week following the mask application, I noticed that when I sweated, my face was sensitive to the touch. Almost like a minor sunburn. Sensitivity only occurred when sweating. I’ve been blessed with good skin and rarely have breakouts. But, I did notice that following the mask application I had more blackheads than usual. I’m guessing this is because the mask just pulled all of the gross stuff out that was hiding under my skin. *gag* Overall, it was a fun experience and I would do it again.

Lauren: Even my mom noticed that my face was brighter and my complexion “looked good” (via face time). If you know anything about the Korean culture, you know that good skin = life. I would give this product an 8 out of 10. While I felt most of the intended benefits, I wish I could see more of the advertised blackhead and/or whitehead removal. While this mask didn’t produce the immediate gratification that a Biore nose strip does, it did firm and cleanse my skin, leaving it soft and revived.

We hope this was helpful! Comment below any tips/tricks or questions you have!


Jill & Lauren