Couples Workout – Marriage Maker or Breaker?

In this month of love, John and I tried something that we have never done before. While it took a bit of convincing, we finally decided to take the plunge. We tried – wait for it – a COUPLES BOOTCAMP class! If your read my bucket list post, you know that a goal of mine this year is healthy living and adventure. This class seemed to check both boxes…and what says love more than couples bootcamp??

John and I generally don’t workout together, besides the occasional tennis game or walk. So, I thought this would be a fun way to connect and get a good workout in! (Side note: He joined me for a couple of weeks during a P90X kick I was on, but after spending an uncomfortable amount of time and eventually getting stuck in frog pose, during the Yoga day, he was out.)

If you checked out the Acro Yoga or Aerial Yoga posts, you know that I am all “gung-ho” about signing up for new workouts, but when the rubber meets the road, I freak out! So, this time was no different, but I tried to put on a brave face for John. I’m not a total bootcamp class newbie (usually end up puking my guts out at minute 40) but this was John’s first time. I won’t say that I gave him ALL the facts about the workout we were about to do, but thought I prepared him enough to not be totally caught off guard. (John is one of those annoying people that doesn’t work out regularly, but can join in and outwork me, so I didn’t feel too bad.) When we got to the gym and he saw the set up below, John gave me one of his “looks”, followed by a characteristic *sigh*…he he.

We were divided into groups of three couples and circulated through several stations. Our trainer, Brittany, kept us “motivated” and on track. She and her training partner were super encouraging and took special care to make sure we had good form and knew what we were supposed to do (especially for those of us who probably had a “deer in the headlights” look).

I would totally recommend this bootcamp class! You can catch it every Saturday morning at the HIT center. Take your gal-pal, bestie, or significant other and have a fun, calorie torching workout before 10am!



Who’s the Better Half?

Relationships. While all of them are fun, challenging, confusing, and make our lives better, there is one that is more so than the rest – the husband/wife relationship.  This is the one that we have to work at the most, for better or for worse.  On top of all of that, this relationship morphs through different stages of life: newlyweds/merging lives, kids/no sleep, new jobs/traveling, retirement/reacquainting, etc.

Jill and I recruited the husbands, Caleb and John, to put our relationships to the test! After a combined almost 15 years of marriage and four kids, we thought it was about time to figure out how much we really know about our spouses. See how we did!

We are all about keeping those marriage relationships strong and laughter is a big part of that! Use some of these questions and see how well you and your spouse know each other and let us know how you did!! This is the first of our two-part relationship series.  Stay tuned for more!