Amazon Fashion Find of the Week!

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’ll just say it – I have a serious shopping habit.ūüėā However, it has definitely taken a left turn in the last year. While I still love hitting the mall and outlets, my current situation (aka – mom life) has made me a habitual online shopper! While I am still loyal to my fav stores, I am a new convert to Amazon Fashion!

In my search for some on-trend, comfy, age-appropriate, casual outfits for the fall I was striking out in all my usual places. After hearing about Amazon Fashion and already being a “Prime” enthusiast, I had to try it. I spent several days combing through the Amazon Fashion pages, I was not having any luck. I came across pieces that look like this:

Yeaaaah, um no. That checks NONE of the boxes. However, in looking at the reviews it actually had some potential in the real life pics. I took the plunge and ordered it.

These cotton overalls were actually really cute and comfy (and not nearly as baggy as the pic)! I paired them with a white burnout t-shirt and my go-to Gigi Sandals. They are lightweight enough to start wearing now and you can easily throw on a long sleeved shirt or sweater as we move into Fall. This was such an easy piece and definitely “mom approved” – I could easily chase my toddlers and still feel somewhat pulled together.

This brand has some other really cute pieces, but I will say CHECK THE SIZING CHART! They are 1 to 2 sizes smaller than your normal size. Also, while they are Prime eligible, sometime when they are sold out, they will take 7 to 10 days to get to your house. I got mine in about 4 days.

I have definitely learned my lesson and am now scouring the “reviews” on Amazon Fashion to find cute pieces that look good IRL.

Happy Shopping!



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Perfect Spring Dress Alert!!! BOAF Boutique Coupon Code Included!

It’s a beautiful winter we’ve been having this spring!¬† (*eye roll*)¬† Who’s ready for spring to actually show up and stick around?!? I know we at Glitter Jungle are! This weather has teased us with a couple of warm, breezy days and left us craving sundresses and sandals!¬† So naturally, we went looking for the perfect, casual spring dress!

We found them at our first stop: Birds of a Feather Boutique (BOAF)! It is a cute, cozy boutique located in Huntington, WV at Heritage Station. BOAF sells unique and trendy items at super affordable prices both in store and online.

This easy fitting, jersey swing dress has a cute lattice detail and comes in tons of spring colors! The best part is that it has POCKETS and is only $24!! It will take you from the ball field to dinner to church and can be paired with sandals, mules or heels.¬†This dress comes in sizes small through extra large. It is SUPER roomy and depending on how you like to wear your dresses, a Medium could range anywhere from a size 6-12.¬†Lauren is 5’8″ and the dress hits 2-3 inches above her knee. She is wearing a medium.¬† Jill is 5’2″ and you see that it hits below her knee. The dress is fitted through the chest and arms but extremely forgiving in the body.¬† If you are larger chested (like Jill) I would say that it runs true to size.¬† If you are smaller chested you could definitely size down for a more fitted look.

In addition to this dress, BOAF also has a sleeveless swing dress with pockets in a variety of colors for spring – that could be dressed up or down and will take you right into summer!¬† The sleeveless dress would be PERFECT for the office – just throw on a cute cardigan, slide on some mules and you’re all set!

Because we love BOAF and know that you will love these dresses and, well EVERYTHING else in the store, BOAF is giving 15% off your entire order (not just the dresses listed) from today through Wednesday with the promo code GLITTER! Be sure to grab your favorite dress because sizes are limited and these are going to go fast. Also for you locals, check back for an in-store sale later this week.

To give you some outfit inspo, we’ve styled our dresses several different ways below to show you just how versatile these dresses really are!¬† What’s your favorite style?¬† Let us know!¬† We’d love to hear.


We know you will love your BOAF order! Let us know what you got!


Jill & Lauren

‘Rent The Runway’ And Steal The Show! High Fashion, Low Cost!


I’m normally a planner!¬† I love having a schedule and creating to-do lists.¬† I like mapping things out in my mind and checking off my¬†tasks¬†– especially if it’s something really big and important!¬† But as luck would have it, this year we decided to go to the Museum Ball at the last minute.¬†¬† When I say last minute, I mean¬†FOUR days before the ball!¬† FOUR. DAYS.¬† I was absolutely, one hundred percent unprepared.¬† I didn’t have a dress, shoes, hair appointment….nothing!¬† I quickly started scrambling; browsing¬†every single dress website that I could find.¬† I knew what I was looking for – I¬†wanted full length with long sleeves.¬† I kept running into the same problem over and over.¬† All the dresses¬†I liked were either $350 – $500 (ohhh sweet Jesus! I can’t even.) or they wouldn’t ship¬†until next Month (yeah, thanks but no thanks.)¬† After hours of searching, I finally decided to try Rent The Runway!¬† I quickly found several dresses that I loved….but this gold beauty caught my eye immediately.


I debated back and forth most of the day, trying to decide if I should¬†try Rent The Runway.¬† I¬†knew several people who loved RTR, but I also knew how very picky that I am (finding something flattering for this c-section x 2 tummy isn’t always an easy task!)¬† But I weighed my pros and cons and decided that I would take a chance this time.¬† If you all know me, you know I was really living on the edge by doing this.¬† I mean, what are the odds that this dress will fit and that I’ll actually like it?!?¬† Ironically, I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be.¬† I guess I realized that it was my only option at that point.

So here’s how it works if you’ve never used Rent The Runway before.¬† You get to pick your dress in two sizes (in hopes that one of the sizes will work.)¬† As a first time user, you also get to pick a back-up dress.¬† You can rent the dresses for either 4 or 8 days, depending on how long you’ll need them.¬† They overnight the dresses to you (you typically get them the day before your event.) At the end of your rental, you take the dresses back to the UPS store and overnight the dresses back to RTR.

This process is SO¬†perfectly streamlined.¬† It’s like a well oiled machine.¬† The dresses ship/arrive in an extremely heavy duty garment bag (they do not come in a box or typical shipping bag.)¬† The dresses are neatly packed deep¬†inside the garment bag.¬† Once you are finished with your dresses, you pack them back¬†into the garment bag, zip them up, change out the shipping label (they even provide the return shipping label for you!) and overnight them back to RTR.¬† I’m not kidding, it’s really that simple.¬† Aren’t these bags SO neat?!?!



When you’re scrolling through all the dresses on RTR, you’ll notice that there are TONS of reviews for each dress (pictures included!)¬† It tells you on there what size formal gown each person wore compared to their regular clothing size.¬† It tells if they sized up or down or if they felt that the dress was true to size!¬† It also tells the person’s¬†height,¬†weight and chest size.¬† This was particularly helpful when trying to decide on a dress size!¬† I normally size up a size or two when buying a formal gown, but nearly every review I read on my gold dress said that it was true to size.¬† I went out on a limb and ordered my true size and the size up.¬† But, just like everyone else, I¬†ended up wearing my regular size.¬† I feel like the reviews were EXTREMELY helpful in picking out a dress!¬† Total game changer.

The dress I chose was technically a high neck with a low cut back. However, I noticed that one user reviewed that for short girls, it worked best to wear the dress backwards (seriously, who would’ve even thought about that?!)¬† But let me tell you, she slayed in that dress.¬† She was my total inspo.¬† Just like me, she was approximately 5’2″ and curvy.¬† So when my dress arrived, I decided to try the dress both ways and she was totally right.¬† The dress was so much more flattering when worn backwards!¬† (That’s probably more cleavage than I’ve ever shown in my entire life {YOLO!¬† Your welcome, husband!})

As for their¬†customer service, I can not praise RTR enough!!¬† When my dresses arrived, they had sent the wrong back-up dress to me.¬† In my panicked state, I called and talked to the sweetest guy at customer service.¬† He¬†told me how sorry he was, that my backup dress had accidently sold out so they just sent me something similar (it wasn’t really similar at all, but I couldn’t be mad at him!¬† ha!)¬† He found my original backup dress in a size down and he overnighted it to me for FREE!!!¬† So now I’ve received four dresses for the price of one – how amazing is that?!?¬† And sure enough, it arrived on time – before noon on the day of the event.¬† And although I ended up wearing my original gold dress, I can not tell you how thankful I was that he sent me my backup dress!


Here’s the cool part:¬†if you absolutely fall in love with your rented item, you can purchase it.¬† The website tells you the rental fee vs. the purchase price.¬† My rental fee was $80 but full price for the dress was $700 (I might faint!)¬† Although i’ll never splurge and spend SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS on a formal gown, that dress was totally worth it.¬† It made me feel like a princess – and that was really fun for a middle aged momma!

In case you’re on the fence about trying Rent The Runway, here’s a Glitter Jungle¬†Coupon Code for $30 off your first rental!


It was approximately 900 degrees in there!¬† I went full on¬†Hollywood star and did a hair change mid gala.¬† Thank god for bobby pins and complementary hair spray!¬† I should’ve just brought that backup dress and had a wardrobe change as well (don’t even think for a second that I didn’t debate it! ha!)

Happy Shopping my friends – you’re going to look fabulous!



Sneak Peak Inside Our Winter Wonderland; Tips For Creating A Spectactular Christmas Tree

Ok, Y’all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!¬† No, we’re not taking a trip to Disney World…..but we are decorating our home for the Holidays.¬† There is nothing, literally nothing, that I love more than creating a cozy, warm, festive¬†environment for my family during the Christmas season.¬† Some people, ok…my husband, would say that I go a little over the top.¬† And you know what, he’s probably right, I am a little on the extreme OCD¬†side.¬† But I figure there are a lot worse things that I could obsess over.¬† Honestly, I get it from my momma…and her momma too.¬† It’s basically a family tradition to over decorate in anticipation of the arrival¬†of Jolly Ole Saint Nick.¬† As annoying as it may be, my overall goal is¬†to make my house feel like the North Pole.¬† Not only do I love it, but my kids love it too.¬† Watching their little faces light up makes every second of decorating and preparation worth it.

I realize decorating isn’t everybody’s thing.¬† I know some of you mommas are lucky to get one tree up and practically dread every minute of it.¬† And that’s ok too!¬† But i’m here today to share a few tips and tricks with you to hopefully make your decorating a little more enjoyable.¬† Here’s a sneak peak¬†of my trees!


The North Pole Tree

This tree is my absolute FAVORITE!¬† It has all of our special family ornaments on it, which includes my kids homemade ornaments!¬† (Every year I sob when I get them out and all.the.memories come¬†rushing back.¬† Whhhhy do my babies have to grow up?!)¬† We also refer to this tree as the “everything but the kitchen sink tree” because it has all the things on it.¬† It has more items ‘coming out of the tree’ than hanging on the tree.¬† It even has peacock feathers.¬† (Here’s a hint:¬† ANYTHING can go on a tree – and I mean anything!)


The Winter Wonderland Tree

This tree has evolved over the years.¬† It started out very simple and each year I add a few new things; it’s just taken on a life of it’s own.¬† It is “matchy-matchy” but it’s fun and¬†it goes in our formal living room (well, as formal as it gets around here.¬† Let’s be honest; there’s still unfolded¬†laundry on that couch 67% of the time.)


The Candy Land Tree

The Candy Land tree is a close second-favorite for me.¬† I created this tree for my girls because it screams all things feminine, fun and fantasy land.¬† This is a white tree with colored lights and looks like it walked right off the set of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.¬† Because this tree is less traditional, we usually keep it up much longer than a regular tree.¬† We always keep it up until Valentines Day and, one year, my kids convinced me to keep it up until Easter.¬† I should probably be embarrassed, but i’m not.


The Angel Tree

This tree is a new addition this year that I¬†created for my momma.¬† As many of you know, my dad passed away in October.¬† The holidays are going to be very¬†difficult without him this year.¬† In his memory, I created an Angel tree so he can be with us for Christmas.¬† (Keep us in your thoughts and prayers – it’s going to be hard; he was hero.)


Decorating Tips

  1. Organization really is key.¬† Make sure to store decorations, lights, etc away in a neat, organized fashion.¬† Also, be certain to label your totes so you’ll know¬†exactly what you’re looking for next year.
  2. There is nothing more frustrating than tangled Christmas lights – but, here’s a life hack.¬† Wrap the Christmas lights around a piece of cardboard.¬† When the lights have been wrapped firmly, plug the ends of the lights together to keep them snug on the cardboard.¬† This makes unwrapping the lights next year a breeze!
  3. When you take your tree down, make sure to place the items in the tote in the same order you take them off the tree.  By doing this, next year, the items that you need first will be on the top of the tote.
  4. Always keep crafting/floral wire handy.¬† I’m constantly wiring things in my tree if I can’t get them to stay with Christmas hooks.¬† You can buy green floral wire that’s the same exact color of the tree.¬† Total game changer.
  5. Before you start¬†hanging ornaments, make sure your tree is level and sturdy.¬† If your tree is leaning to one side, you can place a small children’s book under one leg of the tree until you make it appear level.
  6. Another hack is wiring your tree to the wall.  I have two very small nails in my baseboards.  I wrap floral wire around the base of the tree and attach it to the nail in the wall.  This will hopefully keep the tree from being turned over by animals or small children.
  7. After building/fluffing¬†the tree and applying the lights, my next step is to always put on the tree topper.¬† I use unorthodox tree toppers – never your normal tree toppers.¬† But I feel like it’s much easier to decorate the tree when the tree topper is already situated.¬† If you do the tree topper last you’ve always left too much room or not enough room.¬† This takes the guessing game out of things!
  8. To give the tree a three dimensional look, I love to have items sticking out of my tree.¬† I usually use glittery sticks, candy canes, snow balls, etc.¬† Basically anything that’s cute and I have on hand.¬† My favorite thing about building trees is to be creative and put unconventional items on the tree.¬† Don’t be scared to step outside the normal Christmas tree box.
  9. If you’re wanting to create a new tree theme, I suggest that you turn to Pinterest and find some tree inspiration.¬† Sketch out your ideas before you head to Hobby Lobby.¬† Once you get there, all of the options will be so overwhelming you’ll definitely want to have a plan up front.
  10. When starting a new tree theme, it can be really expensive (especially fancy ornaments.)  A cheap, yet pretty, way to take up some of that extra tree space is to use ribbon.  I like to use it in a fluffed, looped pattern all over the tree.  Make the pattern random for a more trendy look.

Cheers to a wonderful holiday season, my friends!  I hope your Christmas is filled with love and laughter.





Ballin’ On A Budget

Our friend Tanner is back and with another hilarious guest post; this time he tells us about his favorite DIYs. Check out these super cute and totally affordable ways to up your decor game:

‚ÄúMove into your own house‚ÄĚ, they said. ‚ÄúYou‚Äôll love having a house- what a fun project!‚ÄĚ, they said. Well, the cracked shower doors, weedy gutters and dead houseplants determined that was a lie. Moving into your first house is a big deal. Packing, moving, decorating- it‚Äôs all a huge adjustment that requires time, patience and a sense of humor. For one, everything you do is a new experience. If you would’ve told me five years ago that I would be using a laundromat and eating leftover hamburger helper, I would’ve laughed straight in your face. But here I am, on a first-name basis with the dry-cleaning lady and loving every minute of that pasta.

However, what they don’t tell you about living on your own is that sometimes you have to get a little creative with what you have. This is where I found one of my new favorite things- DIY projects. Everyone has their favorite sites to find these ideas, but I enjoy Pinterest and Buzzfeed the most! After a couple successes, many flops and few mental health breaks, I found some winners!

1. DIY Frosted Windows

Don’t get frustrated if the paste looks white on your windows, at first. The paste will dry clearly after a few hours. I love this DIY, because it provides adequate privacy on your windows and still lets the natural light in. Plus, the lace adds a great texture to the room to compliment the room’s dimensions.


paint brush



lace material

It’s easiest to use lace to prevent air bubbles, but you could probably use any type of thin fabric. First, clean your window to remove any dust. Then cut your material to fit the window and iron it. After, mix 2 tbsp of cornstarch with 2 tbsp of cold water and dissolve in a cup and a half of boiling water. Stir until a thick paste is formed, then apply to the window with the paint brush. Once the window is covered in the paste, apply the material to the window. With the material on the window, apply another layer of the paste over the material. Brush the paste from the center to the edges and let dry.


2. Floating Bookshelves

This DIY is my absolute favorite, because this project totally gave my living room wall a facelift and I did the entire wall for under $20. These bookshelves are the first things my friends ask me about when they come over and the possibilities are endless with them, because they’re so easy to install- and so, so cheap.


1 L-bracket per shelf you wish to make

3 screws that fit through the holes in the size of L-bracket you choose 1 drill driver

1 hardback book per shelf

1 command picture hanging strip per shelf

These directions are short and sweet. Lay the long side of the L-bracket against your wall and insert your screws through the holes of your L-bracket and into your wall. I would place at least two screws into each L-bracket to ensure stability.

Now it’s time to for the real magic. Take one, large hardback book and open the book where the back is swinging open. Place the book on the bracket horizontally, but leave the back hanging down. Pull out your command strip and stick one side to the bottom of the L-bracket and one side to the interior of the back of the book. This creates the illusion that the book is floating on the wall and you can stack more books on top, sit decorations on it or both!

I hope you love these projects as much as I do – Happy DIY-ing!


This would be a fun project to help unwind from the week or a group project with the kids.  Let us know how your DIYs turn out!



Today‚Äôs guest contributor, Tanner Shepherd, currently resides in Ironton, Ohio with his two Airedale Terriers that outweigh him and remind him daily that he‚Äôs not ready for children. He is obsessed with coffee, romantic comedies and Hobby Lobby. 

The Magnificent Maxi Dress That Every Woman Should Own

It’s summer and beach vibes are all around us.¬† If you’re anything like me, style is very important but comfort is too.¬† My go-to ‘mom uniform’, in the summer, is any dress that’s cute but also keeps me cool; versatility is a must as well.¬† I feel like it’s my job in life to let you all know that I’ve officially found the PERFECT maxi dress.¬† It’s stylish, comfy, SUPER flattering and made out of material that doesn’t wrinkle or¬†cling (hallelujah!)¬†¬† And the best part is, this dress is less than $35.¬† I wore this dress for a date night at the beach, but I also plan to throw on a kelly green cardigan and wear it to the office as well.¬†¬†Another positive feature is that this dress has adjustable straps¬†for short people like me!¬† (Yay!)¬† I paired my dress with cute brown leather slides, but you could totally rock wedges with it as well.¬† If you’re on the market for a fun maxi dress, give this one a try.¬† I promise you won’t be disappointed.¬† Dress¬†fits true to size.


Sleeveless V-Neck Maxi Dress

Sidenote:¬† This pattern literally went unavailable today (hopefully they’ll restock), but there are still three other colors available that are all adorable.¬† The mustard yellow pattern is one of my favorites; I’ve tried it on in person and almost purchased it.

If you decide to purchase, make sure to share your photos with us!¬† We’d love to see you.


Happy shopping and much love,



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The Strapless Bra You Can’t Live Without! Large Chest Approved

Ladies, rejoice!¬† I have finally found the PERFECT strapless bra!! (Insert praise hands.)¬† Several of you have asked about what strapless bra I prefer to wear with my off the shoulder tops and dresses.¬† Until recently, I had a strapless bra I wore, but I¬†didn’t really love it.¬† I’ve been searching high and low for a comfortable strapless bra and i’m happy to report that I’ve finally found one that I’ve fallen in love with!¬† It provides coverage, support, comfort¬†and (most importantly) it has a minimizing effect rather than a “pour your boobs out the top of your shirt” effect.¬† Here’s the crazy part, it’s made out of spanx material!¬† Sounds wild, right?!?¬† I know….when I saw it hanging in Macy’s I thought for sure I¬†wouldn’t like it.¬† But then I tried on like 47 different strapless bras (of course I left this one ’til last, because apparently misery loves company) and¬†as soon as I slid it on, I knew it was the one!¬†¬† I have to tell you, it has not let me down.¬†¬† I wore it to a wedding and danced the night away and I did not tug at it once.¬† Seriously amazing.¬† It’s like the bra gods crafted it and¬†sent it directly to me just to make life better.¬† Ok, so here are the deets you’ve been waiting for:


Lilyette by Bali Minimizer Strapless Bra


Does strapless bra shopping have you feeling like this…….


Then you definitely need to check out the Lilyette Minimizer Strapless Bra, it’s worth every penny!¬† Thankfully, it doesn’t break the bank.¬† It’s reasonably priced at $40 and mine has already been put to good use.



If you decide to purchase, let us know.  We would love to hear your feedback!  I hope you love this bra as much as I do!




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Button And Bear Children’s Boutique: Summer Collection Reveal And Giveaway!

I’ll never forget the moment during my first gender-reveal appointment when the ultrasound tech pointed out those three little lines that told us we were having a baby girl. Images of sweet, frilly dresses and huge, pink bows flashed across my mind, and I couldn’t wait to jump off of that table and run to the mall to start shopping, much to my husband’s dismay.
But when I did start shopping (probably within hours of that ultrasound), I was so disappointed in the local selection. There were the normal chain stores, which carried some cute pieces Рbut cute pieces that everyone else had. And my baby girl? Well Рshe was going to be special.
(Moment of truth: Three and a half years later, she likes to dress herself and usually chooses not-matching, weirdly paired outfits, much to MY dismay.)
My Mom and I had generic discussions about opening our own boutique and offering cute, but also very affordable, fashion options for little girls. And one day in Spring 2016, with the encouragement from my Dad, we jumped right in.
Button & Bear (named after my nicknames for my kids, Charlotte & Jack, respectively), has been a fun little adventure, and we so enjoy choosing pieces we think you and your girls will love! Having a little girl, myself, I know the necessity of having pieces that work for everyday wear, as well as running to the mall or dinner with family, and we choose many of our collections with versatility in mind.
Equally as important to us, is offering products that won’t break your bank (or keep you from going through the Starbuck’s drive-through, because, coffee!). There are certainly occasions to whip out that credit card and splurge (or call Grandma!), but daily life isn’t one of them, and we have kept it our mission to offer boutique fashion at affordable prices.
After all the nitty gritty, though, my Mom and I just love what we do. We have so much fun choosing product, setting up shop at vendor events, and just showing y’all our sweet pieces. We hope you love them as much as we do!
Our current collection, The Garden Party Collection, is on pre-sale through the end of today, and you absolutely don’t want to miss it! It’s the sweetest group of flowery, summer-inspired prints and colors, and we know you and your girls will love them! Be sure to visit our website, because these items won’t be available to purchase after today!


And because we love Glitter Jungle so much, we are giving away a $10 store credit to one lucky reader! **To enter for a chance to win, like this post, tag a friend and share on Facebook, today only!** We will announce a winner tomorrow.
Can’t wait until the giveaway ends? Totally don’t blame you.
Use promo code GLITTER right now on our website to get 15% off your entire order. This includes our brand-new collection!
Happy Monday, y’all!
Guest Contributor Jennifer Worrell is a wife and Momma to two toddlers and step-Momma to two more. She and her mother, Tami Chapman, opened Button & Bear Boutique in June 2016. 
Visit Button And Bear Boutique online at